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Welcome to DFT Cattle Company

The Best Beef in Richmond, Texas

Local Raised Grain Fed Beef

local raised grain fed beef cattle

Meet the DFT Family

Seven Generations of Cattle Raising

At DFT Cattle Company, we are dedicated to providing our customers with the highest quality pasture and grain fed beef. Our family has been in the cattle raising business for seven generations, and we are committed to continuing that tradition by producing the best beef in Richmond, Texas. We also raise pastured poultry and laying hens for delicious eggs.

father and daughters
father and sons

Our Offerings

Pasture Raised Beef

Grain Fed Beef

Pastured Poultry and Laying Hens

At DFT Cattle Company, we believe in raising our animals in a humane and sustainable way. Our beef is pasture raised and grain fed, ensuring that it is both tender and flavorful. Our poultry and laying hens are raised on pasture, resulting in eggs that are rich in both flavor and nutrients.

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